Counselor's Page

  Welcome to Robert L Merritt Junior High School. My name is Mrs. Naomi Fant-Ivory and
I am honored to introduce myself as your child’s counselor. I am eager and dedicated to
assisting students with all aspects of school life. I look forward to facilitating your
child’s transition into high school and ensuring each student receives the proper
personalized support they need to succeed. All students learn differently, and
I desire to continue to help facilitate a safe learning environment in which students
can strive and achieve to their highest potential. My goal is to provide high-quality
support to students, teachers, families, and the community. I will support
developing self-confidence, helping with practical coping skills, and managing transition into
our new environment and all academic concerns. I will help each student with their
needs-stemming from academics, college planning, and any mental
health concerns.

  My role is to support student academic performance by providing social/emotional,
intellectual, and career-related interventions. This may include in-class presentations,
brief individual counseling, peer mediation, small group counseling, and other targeted
 Our school counseling program is designed around Robert L. Merritt Junior High
School unique needs. Junior High School is an exciting time for students to grow
academically, emotionally, physically, and socially. I hope to provide useful and engaging resources to students and parents alike!

Feel Free to contact me via email @ You can also reach me
via phone @ 662-884-1270, or an office visit during school hours.
counceling brochure

School Counselor Philosophy

It is my belief that every child, in our school can learn and be academically successful.

Children who may not be socially or emotionally stable benefit from having caring adults surrounding them with those individuals pushing them to meet their potential.

School Counseling Program Mission Statement The mission of the Robert L. Merritt Jr. High School Counseling Program is to provide a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate program that addresses the academic, career, and personal/social/emotional development of every child.

With the collaborative effort of school personnel, families, and community resources, the school counseling program will provide every student the opportunity to become productive citizens and lifelong learners in our competitive society.